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Vacuum Valves

Gate Valves

Gate valves ideal for rough vacuum to very high vacuum environments. Both manual and pneumatically operated valves are available. 

Right-Angle Valves

Wide variety of right-angle valves in aluminum and stainless steel. These are typically used as in-line chamber isolation valves. They come with multiple O-ring options including Viton O-ring. 

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves ensure easy route for gases and are ideally suited for In-line isolation purpose.  Both manual and pneumatically operated valves are available. 

Baffle Valves

These valves are used for isolating the Diffusion Pump from a vacuum chamber while in operation. It is water-cooled. Baffle valves of various sizes are available.

Solenoid Cum Air Admittance Valves (SAV)

Solenoid cum air admittance-cum-Isolation Valves are manufactured to use with rotary pump. This valve is mounted at the intake of the rotary pump to isolate the job and to admit the air to the pumps thus avoiding back migration of the rotary pump oil.

Flanges & Components

KF (QF) Flanges & Components

A wide range of flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, and crosses as per the standard flange system. In addition, we supply O-rings and metal gaskets. 

ISO Flanges & Components

We manufacture a large selection of ISO-K (clamped) and ISO-F (bolted) Flanges and flanged components, nipples, elbows, tees O-rings, and crosses.

Adapters & Couplings

Adapters making transitions between one flange type to another type flange, non-flanged component, or metal seals. In addition, we manufacture custom adapters. 

View ports & Shutter Actuators

A wide selection of flanged viewports in a variety of window materials, viewport shutters, shutter actuators, and blade kits. Custom view port sizes and configurations are available as well. 

Vacuum Measurement Instruments

Analog/Digital Pirani Gauges

Low cost, compact active gauge for gas-dependant measurement from atmosphere to medium vacuum. Both analog and digital versions of these gauges are available. 

Analog/Digital Penning Gauges

Low cost, compact cold cathode penning gauge for measurement from medium to high vacuum. Both analog and digital versions are available. 

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