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Pre-Engineered Vacuum Chambers & Glove Boxes
Cylinderical Vacuum Chamber

Cylindrical Vacuum Chambers are commonly used. They are fitted with hinged door on one side and welded dome on the other end. Some of the common applications for this chamber are space simulation, Deposition,  and high vacuum applications.

Box Vacuum Chamber

Box Vacuum Chambers come with the option of Aluminum or Acrylic doors. Some of the common applications such as space simulation, deposition systems, high /ultra high vacuum applications and testing. 

Spherical Vacuum Chamber

Spherical vacuum chambers are used primarily for their versatility and options. This chamber comes with multiple port options. Some of the typical applications for this chamber are deposition and materials testing. 

Custom Engineered Vacuum Chambers & Glove Boxes
Chamber Designer

Vacuum Techniques is specialised in custom engineered vacuum chambers for complex geometry with fully integrated vacuum system  fabricated to your requirement. 

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