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Vacuum Coating & Thin-film Deposition Systems

Thermal Coating

Systems for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) primarily used for coating both metal and plastics. Physical vapour deposition uses mechanical, electromechanical or thermodynamic means to produce a thin film of a solid onto a substrate. 

RF/DC Sputtering Systems

Systems designed for RF/DC Sputtering. Sputter deposition, commonly called sputtering, allows for atoms from the solid target to "spit on" to another surface. There is little heat exchange and elements can be sputtered without changes in stoichiometry

Electron-beam Evaporation System

Systems for EB Evaporation. The target anode is hit with an electron beam given off by a charged tungsten filament under high vacuum. These atoms precipitate into solid form, coating everything in the chamber with a thin layer of the anode material.

Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Dep. (PE-CVD)

CVD process used to deposit thin films from a gas state (vapor) to a solid state on a substrate. The plasma is created by radio frequency (RF) AC or DC discharge between two electrodes, the space between which is filled with the reacting gases.

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