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Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection System

Air cooled, Helium based mass spectrometer leak detector is the complete system used for locating and measuring the size of the leak either inside or outside of a component, chamber or device. Vacuum Chamber: The system is equipped with a vacuum chamber where the gas under investigation is introduced. It's essential for the vacuum chamber to sustain a high vacuum level to enable precise leak detection. Ionization Source: This component ionizes the gas molecules present within the vacuum chamber. It can employ various methods such as electron impact ionization, chemical ionization, or photoionization. The ionization process transforms neutral gas molecules into charged ions. Mass Analyzer: The ionized gas molecules are propelled through an electric field and separated according to their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) within the mass analyzer. This separation enables the identification of specific gas species based on their mass characteristics. Detector: Positioned at the end of the mass spectrometer, the detector captures ions and records their abundances. This data serves as the foundation for analysis. Data Analysis Software: Specialized software processes the data collected by the mass spectrometer. It identifies the presence and concentration of gas species and assists in pinpointing potential leak locations.

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