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Thermovac system are used in thermal control and offer a range of temperature from -190 C to +180 C. These have shrouds for temperature homogenization inside the chamber. In addition, these systems can optionally use electrical resistors, gaseous/liquid nitrogen and thermal fluids.


Nitrogen-Purged Desiccators

High vacuum stations are designed with turbo molecular pump with a dry or oil-sealed backing pump. Low or medium vacuum stations are designed with roots pumping stations with different backing pumps, ratings and accessories. Desiccator: A desiccator is a sealed container typically made of glass or plastic that is used to store moisture-sensitive substances in a low-humidity environment. Nitrogen-Purged: Nitrogen-purging involves replacing the air inside the desiccator with high-purity nitrogen gas. This is done to displace the oxygen and moisture in the air, creating a dry environment within the desiccator.

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