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Y. Ranga Rao, Managing Director 

  • Has been involved over 35 years in the vacuum technology field.

  • Since the inception in 1989 of Vacuum Techniques, as a Founder and Managing Director, he has guided the company at every step to achieve success. He is thoroughly involved in Technical as well as managerial decisions. His technical designs are highly appreciated by wide range of Vacuum users. He has a balance between the technical know how and managerial skill set required, he is been a true entrepreneur. 

Dr. P. K. Bhattacharjee, Technical Director​​

  • PhD in Mass Spectrometry from Indian Institute of Science and Post Doctoral work in Mass Spectrometry of Hot Plasma in Physical Research Laboratory (PRL)

  • Has been involved over 40 years in the vacuum technology field. 

  • He also worked in a vacuum technology company for more than 10 years in R&D, Production and Servicing. 

  • Since the inception of Vacuum Techniques, as a Technical Director he was involved in development of Vacuum Instrumentation, Custom built equipment and is currently heading the Marketing & Servicing team. A combination of Technical know-how and the customer relation he has developed over the years has helped him through this journey. 

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