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LABPRO Glovebox Systems

LABPRO Glovebox Systems are widely deployed in research as well as production environments. With a robust gas purification and regeneration system combined with advanced automated features, these systems deliver significant value and time savings. They are in use in a wide spectrum of applications from rugged environments for corrosive applications to advanced sophisticated clean room use cases. 


These glovebox systems are designed for a wide range of industrial, academic and research establishments. Wide variety of glovebox options, these systems are versatile and configurable as per the application and customer requirements. These systems can be optimized for the OEM equipment or other vacuum apparatus inside the glovebox. 


These systems are backed with remote and onsite support, and dedicated spare parts and accessories availability.


Please contact us  if you have questions choosing the right glove box system for your application requirements.


Technical Specifications

VTPL Glove Box Specifications.png


  • Number of glove ports and double side access

  • Safety glass window

  • Solvent vapour removal

  • Regenerable solvent vapour removal

  • Solvent sensor with PLC control

  • Customizable trays in glove box or antechambers

  • Cold well

  • Freezer -35C (18L or other capacities) and cooling box

  • Dry and/or corrosion resistant pumping options

  • Variety of gloves (Neoprene,Butyl) and various sizes

  • Wide range of flanges, and feedthroughs

  • Integrated heat exchanger

  • Recirculation chiller (with PLC control option)

  • Multi-column gas purification and regeneration system

  • Quartz window for solar simulator testing

  • Optical view ports for laser spectroscopy

  • Glove port covers

  • Wide range of antechamber dimensions

  • Antechamber automatic pressure controlled

  • Oil-free pressure relief valve (safety valve)

  • Oil-based pressure relief valve (safety valve)

LABPRO Difference & Advanced Features

  • Manufactured as per ISO 9001 quality process and standards

  • Customization as per customer application possible

  • Advanced Moisture Sensor and Oxygen Sensor

  • Optional of Solvent Sensor

  • Adaptive Mode:

    • Blower speed automatic control based on gas purity levels

    • Vacuum pump to shut-off for noise reduction and power savings

  • Advanced Energy Savings Features:​

    • Front-mounted light (Fluorescent or LED) automated switch off functionality

    • Highly efficient blower with low power consumption

    • Automatic purge valve based on Oxygen level, timer or manually controlled

    • Highly efficient vacuum pump with low power consumption

    • Vacuum pump not used for positive pressure control

Integration Options

  • Glove box with thermal evaporation system

  • Multiple glove boxes inter-connected with antechamber

  • Back to back multiple glove boxes connected

  • TIG Welding Chambers with reinforcement

Custom Glovebox-1.png


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