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High Vacuum Systems
Falcon Series

PVD High Vacuum Systems Falcon Series_edited.jpg

​Vacuum Techniques offers the VDS100 Thin Film Deposition System, which is a versatile entry-level deposition tool for RF/DC magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation or Low Temperature Evaporation (LTE), or any combination of these
methods. It is widely deployed in research, academia and pilot production facilities. 

These systems are designed with advanced automation and the flexibility for customization for applications with various options or with OEM equipment.

With a robust gas and pneumatic system combined with advanced automated features, these systems deliver significant value and time savings. They are in use in a wide spectrum of applications from rugged environments to advanced sophisticated clean room use cases.

With a wide variety of deposition options, these systems are versatile and configurable as per the application and customer requirements. These systems can be optimized for the OEM equipment or other vacuum apparatus inside the deposition system.

These systems are backed with remote and onsite support, and dedicated spare parts and accessories availability.

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