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Testing New Limits - Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (HWT)

When the challenge was posed, we raised to the occasion. The Hypersonic Wind Tunnel project was a complicated and challenging one, to say the least.

In 2018, Vacuum Techniques Pvt. Ltd. developed the vacuum system for the Hypersonic Wind Tunnel at DRDL, India. The system comprised of three (3) spheres and a vacuum pumping system with a fully automated control system.

Each of the spheres of 16.5 m in diameter, each of about 2300 m3 volume. In total, the volume of the 3 spheres was about 7000 m3 volume.

The vacuum pumping system for this system had to scale to meet the limits. The pumping system was 4 stage system with a total pumping capacity of 100,000 m3/h.

Shri. Rajnath Singh, Union Defense Minister felicitating Vacuum Techniques Managing Director Mr. Rangarao at the inauguration of the Hypersonic Wind Tunnel at DRDL.


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